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to the SummerYachting website. This site is dedicated to sailing, sailboats, vacation and relaxation. So if you would like to experience the sea and explore new locations, you now have a great opportunity to do so with us, by conveniently choosing and ordering your next vacation, or a tour for your clients. We will prepare a trip on a sailboat or motor yacht with an experienced captain and crew. We will provide an interesting programme and delicious food. With us, you will visit places you would not see or fully experience their atmosphere as a common tourist. Sailing through the beautiful islands of Croatia, Italy or Greece and other attractive places, is an unforgettable experience. Enjoy Mediterranean ports as a real sailor. Become a seafaring man or woman even for a while, and learn some sailing skills. If you have already dreamt of sailing, learning how to trim sails or navigate, then our vacations are for you. We enable our guests to become truly involved in the sailing experience. We are here to fulfill all your needs, and meet all of your expectations. We are ready to create a tailor-made holiday for you. Nothing is impossible…

Sailing vacation

sailing Enter the world of Summer Yachting holidays, in which dreams become true. Our experienced skippers and cooks will do their best to make your holiday memorable and enable you to relax in wonderful nature and far away from everyday routine. You alone decide where you want to go and what you want to do. Remote islands, breathtaking coves, historic towns and ports, places with lively nightlife: that is where our yachts will bring you, with all the comfort of your cabin, with meals including specialities and sporting and recreational equipment to make your holiday as pleasant as possible. The prices of our crewed charter are comparable with holiday on sea cruisers. Yet with us you have the advantage of private yacht comfort, privacy and the opportunity to adjust the whole trip to your wishes. It is so simple to pick and book sailing holiday with us...

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River Vacation

River Boating on Europen rivers and canals is a great holidays for families and friends, with something of interest for all the children, young and old! Best cruising areas in France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Scotland and Poland

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Destinations From cultural and historic sights and bustling cities to rustic villages, historic capitals to deserted coves and sandy beach resorts, romantic bays to city promenades with high-key entertainment, the Mediterranean is a place of exquisite contradictions. It combines myths and legends of the past with the beauty of the surrounding nature and exquisite atmosphere. The Mediterranean offers beautiful nature, wonderful beaches, rich sea fauna and flora. With us, you have the opportunity to spend a great holiday on board a yacht or catamaran and explore this stunning region.

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